Best iPhone Cases: Slim, Protective and Stylish

Almost every big name in the iPhone case manufacturing business has put out a lot of varieties of iPhone 6/6s cases already. From Belkin to Spigen and more, you have a ton of options to pick from. Here’s a collection of ten best iPhone 6/6s cases:

Belkin Grip

This is perhaps the most minimalist iPhone 6/6s case out there. It’s a thin, flexible, form-fitting case. While the case is not built for heavy-duty, it will protect your iPhone 6/6s from bumps, scratches and dust. Raised lips over the screen protect the iPhone 6/6s when it is placed facedown.

Vesel Wood Series

Are you up for an attractive bumper case made with the perfect combination of wood and aluminum? Vesel Wood Series primed with oak/walnut wood and solid aluminum can make an elegant pair with your iPhone 6/6s.

You can quickly install/ remove Wood Series using the tool it comes with. All the ports and buttons of your device are easily accessible. As for protection, it offers basic safeguard.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen was probably the first major brand to come up with iPhone 6/6s cases on pre-order (they put it up on Amazon). At the time of writing this, there are at least five varieties of iPhone 6 cases. Our pick: Neo Hybrid for its class. It stays true to its name: it’s a hybrid of a classic shiny-plastic case and a slim hard-shell for good protection.

The spec reads “web pattern TPU case”. There’s a soft premium cover contained within a hard polycarbonate framing. The metallic finish on the frame and the button caps looks cool. It’s not a bumper case but resembles one. Excellent protection from shock, accidental bumps and such.

Griffin Survivor Core

Griffin’s got a huge bunch of iPhone 6/6s cases on its catalog. The Survivor Core is a hybrid: it’s slim but it’s also heavy-duty. It can absorb shocks from drops of about 2 meters and protect the iPhone 6/6s. The case features a light-weight shell made of polycarbonate and TPE edges that keep the iPhone 6 safe.

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